Real Farm Holidays


The Team

Today the team at Kirkwood involves:

Anthony Fishing in NZ

Anthony Steel – if he’s not in the office you’ll find him fishing. playing cricket or on the farm… but usually fishing, and he does that in New Zealand from Dec – March each year.  He’d love you to join him there if you are as fanatical as he is!

Anne Smart – Arranges the Wildlife & Photography School here at Kirkwood and helps with everything else too – the pigs, dogs, sheep, cottages and fishing sometimes all at the same time with a happy smile on her face.

Maddie Dickson – always busy with meat orders, packing and posting in between moving sheep, invoicing and taking holiday bookings.  She skips happily from one job to the next with a cheery giggle and 10 cups of tea!

Sam in office

Sam Copland – in the office part time handling bookings and talking to holiday makers.  She loves meeting people.  Here she is pretending to work – notice the blank screen…

Luke Hutchinson –  Our resident butcher and farm manager.  He’s on the farm all day taking good care of the sheep and cows.  Always ready to help with a calm smile even when the sheep escape and the tractor breaks down.Lesley

Lesley Whittock – super star at organising and dealing with the housekeeping, often has a bigger team to
help her.


Lyndon Whittock – who does maintenance, repairs (everything) and gardens along with others.  Always on hand to save the day.