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Special Offers – Dec 23

In the first 2 weeks of December, we are sending large numbers of the succulent, delicious, shh’annu lamb to the top Michelin Star restaurants. We will be left with legs, shoulders & chops at least.

So if you can collect, now’s the time to order some for yourself: 

. Legs – normally £26/kg – half price £13/kg (weights 1.5 – 3kg)
(can be boned out/rolled, or mini joints for 2 people £50/kg down to £25)
. Shoulders (rolled) – normally £23.50/kg – half price £11.75/kg (1.5 – 2kg)
(can be left on bone £16.50 down to £8.25)
. Chops – normally £48kg   – half price  £24/kg (packs 0.5kg)

There may be some minced, diced or others.

Also some delicious beef – A.Angus, 30 day hung, 40 months old, grass fed only etc. Probably the best beef ever or as Michelin Star chef Lorna McNee says “insanely good!”
This is frozen and we have:
. Topsides (£18/kg)
. Silversides (£18/kg)
. Rump (£28/kg)
. Sirloin steaks (£45/kg)
. Mince (£13/kg)
. Stew (£15/kg)
. Brisket (£16/kg)
. Shin (£14/kg)
. Braising steaks (£14/kg)
all fillet and rib eye has gone

Reply now: with your desired order.