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Developed from over 30 years of sheep farming at Kirkwood, and aimed at maximising flavour, this special brand of sheep meat is now available only direct from Kirkwood or at a number of Michelin star restaurants around the UK.

Shh’annu comes from a composite breed of sheep currently bred only on our farm – Kirkwood. This breed has been developed to produce meat that tastes superb but is also really tender and our method of farming enhances taste and texture. Only the best lambs are carefully selected each year to keep longer to become this seasonal (July – Dec) product.

Most farmers aim to maximise profit at the expense of taste but we’re all about the flavour with Shh’annu as confirmed by people who really should know – top chefs (all Michelin starred):

“We get sent hundreds of samples but I HAVE NEVER TASTED ANYTHING AS GOOD AS THIS!”

Amazing samples, really impressive stuff.”

Delicious old full flavoured but super tender-awesome!”

Loved the Shh’annu especially the chops, sweet and delicate as tenderness and we recommend it.”

Thanks for the samples, I have to say they blew me away!”

Totally delicious! An awesome product.”

and many more…….

We sent samples at the end of the 2020 season to 21 Michelin star chefs/restaurants around the UK and 14 have now said they will buy Shh’annu – that’s 2/3 of them! It means that the only way to get to experience Shh’annu is to dine at one of these restaurants or to visit Kirkwood for a holiday and buy some from the farm.

Leg (whole or halved bone-in
Chops (with bone, untrimmed)
Shoulder (rolled and boneless) Typically weighs 3kg
Other options available:
Leg (boneless)
Chops (trimmed)
Shoulder (on the bone)
Neck (filleted)

Livers (if available)
Bones (for dogs?)
Sweetbreads (only available at some times of the year)