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Real Farm Lamb/Hogget

Our cuts of lamb is usually “hogget” because it will be over a year old. Most farmers send their lambs away at 3-6 months of age, but we believe in keeping them longer to get optimum taste without becoming tough. Sometimes we have younger animals but on the whole we allow them to mature and hence it costs us more, and so we do charge more.

However we do give a special discount to people staying (or have stayed) at our Holiday accommodation or those linked to Kirkwood in some way. Ask us when you inquire and we may have some special deals especially on whole legs, shoulders or mince.

Our fantastic sheep

A lamb (or hogget) consists of:

This can be sold with or without bone in, and either way can be halved to make two succulent roasts. It can also, in special circumstances be boned out and made into smaller joints. The “Chump” is from the top of the leg (rump in cattle), while other mini roasts can be made from lower down the leg. The shank is the lowest part.
Chops The loin is the middle of the animal and usually presented as chops but can be left entire as a rack or even filleted.
ShoulderShoulders can be left “on the boned” or boned out and rolled. The neck can sometimes be filleted out of the latter.
Kirkwood Hogget

If fresh (not frozen) we can usually cut differently to your requirements: