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Real Farm Lamb/Hogget

Our packs of lamb or “hogget” because it will be around a year old to get optimum taste without being tough” are exactly half a lamb each. 

Two halves, therefore, make a whole lamb and so is better value for money as we do not charge twice the price.

Our fantastic sheep

Half a lamb (approx. 8 – 10kg) consists of:

approx. 3kg with bone in and ours is halved to
make two roasts
Usually 14, approx. 1.5kg
Approx 1.75kg with bone out

The remainder is the flank (for soups or spare ribs),
a kidney, some liver and bones (good for stock or
treats for dogs!)
Cost for Half Lamb£95

Whole lamb (approx 17- 20kg) £180

Kirkwood Hogget

If fresh (not frozen) we can usually cut differently to your requirements:

e.g. the leg could be left whole, the chops/loin could be a “rack” or in fillets (no Bone) and the shoulder could be whole (with bone) or even diced (for stews).