Real Farm Holidays


Real Farm Beef

Our beef is ‘hung’ in a chiller for over three weeks.  It is Aberdeen Angus crossed and tastes exceptional, mainly because it is not too young when it is killed. 

Unlike a supermarket we don’t have a constant supply of fresh meat because we only kill an animal every month or less.  We usually have frozen meat but this can only be collected not couriered.

A selection of excellent Kirkwood beef.

We sell two different packs:

The Family Pack contains more quantity of the lesser cuts

Family Pack

Weights are approximate

Family Pack
1.5kgRump Steaks
3 kgSilverside/Topside
1 kgSlow Roast Joints
3 kgStewing Meat
5.5 kgMince (Lean)
2 kgMince (Lean)
Dinner Pack

The Dinner Party Pack contains best quality cuts in lesser quantities.

Dinner Party Pack

Fillet Steak

Sirloin Steaks

Best Joints such as Rib

Rump Steaks
Mince (lean)2kg

Stewing Meat