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2021 – NEW HOUSE RULES – Covid 19 – please read carefully

For the foreseeable future, while Coronavirus is an evolving situation in the UK, this is how we will act at Kirkwood – Real Farm Holidays.

Your health
Our main aim is to keep you (and all others, including our team) as safe as possible while using, and enjoying, our real farm holiday accommodation and farm experiences.

The advantage of holiday homes over hotels is that guests have a whole house exclusively. Added to that, we are fortunate to live in an unpopulated part of the UK; and our houses, being on a farm, are isolated. We can restrict access to our farm by strangers, so the whole farm should be virus free.

Even if any Agency indicates that you can have accommodation for 2 or 3 days, your actual booking will be for a week of starting (in the 7 cottages) on Sunday at 4pm and departing on Sunday 10am. Guests are very welcome to arrive whenever they like after Sunday 4pm, so if guests want to come just for a weekend that is fine…. tell us and arrive Thursday or Friday and depart on Sunday.

Dalton Green farmhouse can be flexible and changes any day EXCEPT Sunday – usually it changes Saturday.

We need nearly a whole day to deep clean the accommodation. So please depart on time and let us know if you will arrive late please.

For those very nervous about Coronavirus – those shielding for instance – we RECOMMEND (but this year we do not insist) that you arrive a day after the booking actually starts. i.e. Monday in the cottages. This ensures that there are around 30 hours (at least a day) after previous guests departed (a belt and braces approach to safety, because in the remote possibility that disinfecting was to miss the smallest bit of virus, it would be off humans for over 24 hours, making infection almost impossible).

Even if the prices shown are for less than a week, the price to be paid will be for a full week.

Three of our houses (Dalton Green farmhouse, South Lodge and West Lodge) are totally detached, several hundred yards from the nearest other building. The other 5 cottages are at our courtyard which may be taken by one party as a block booking. On other occasions, when different parties are occupying, even though the houses are separate, we ask guests to co-operate in our aim to keep social distancing and safe. The communal rooms, such as games room and laundry room, must be occupied by only one party at a time and we ask guests to clean/disinfect before and after use.

We ask to be re-assured, a day before people arrival, that all guests are showing no symptoms of covid. We request anyone who develops symptoms while staying at Kirkwood to notify us immediately, to self isolate, and possibly to depart early, depending on the severity of symptoms and distance to travel.

We will need a list of all the occupants and contact details before you arrive, so that if in the disastrous event that coronavirus is discovered this allows everyone to be track and traced.

We recommend deliveries of food/ supplies to be sent to your house by supermarkets. They need to be booked early. Asda (Carlisle), Tesco (Lockerbie) or Morrisons (Dumfries) are the main options.

In normal circumstances if we require a guest to cancel, we refund 100%. If a guest asks to cancel we give no refunds because we have lost the booking. In coronavirus times the Government are the ones cancelling, it’s not us nor the guest, so we offer to share the pain – split the cost 50%:50% if insurance can not cover the full loss. Any payment guests have made– deposits or full sums – we will refund 50% if coronavirus is the cause and insurance does not cover.this only covers where we are forbidden from accepting guests. This does not cover ill health, so if one guest develops covid just before coming, or is required to isolate, we expect the remaining guests to still come and we will charge the full amount. We could have let to someone else. We recommend travel insurance which usually covers illness.