Real Farm Holidays


Real Farm Stags

Stag party package for 10 – 22 people – £349 per person.

Quad biking around farm…50 mins
each allowing 10 mins changeover
= 1hr/group. Move some sheep etc,
be a Real Farmer. Groups of 3 or 4.

Tractor driving.. competition.
10 minutes learning/practise
then 5 mins on a course with
penalties if you knock cones.
Grab bales, reverse trailer etc

Shear a Sheep
Groups of 6-8. Watch a
demo for 10-15 minutes.
Then shear one yourself.


The above 3 activities require participants to be sober … most of the other activities do not!

2 nights in 3 Star & 2 Star cottages
(22 spaces max but 5 are double beds so
some may use blowup mattresses)

 Meat & barbecues
Kirkwood beef & lamb
The best you can get.
The whole package is self-catering but meat is included.


The above for £349 per person (can be fewer than 10 in group but £3,490 is minimum charge)

More Optional extras

Treasure Hunt: Takes an hour (probably half the group each time).
Find things around the cottages grounds from clues.£300 extra per group

Clay shooting: Shoot 30 clays – we can provide all equipment –
Rifle shooting: (stationary target). Both take 5-15mins. cost:£40 each

Cricket pitch: can be hired for rounders, football, touch rugby,
cricket etc. Fixed charge for 4 hours: £90 extra for the group.

Tug of war / Slippery pole: over muddy pond
(losers get dragged/knocked in). £250 per group

Catch the (wet) pig/sheep. All can try: £250 per group

Fishing ..For experienced fly fishermen only most of the time.
Also only suits two or three (max 6 people) at any one time. £90/day per person

+44 1576 510200