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Jardine Hall

An  upper river beat with beautiful fly water

Jardine HallMike at Jardine Hall

Lovely for Sea Trout, Salmon & Brown Trout with occasional Grayling

The Jardine Hall beat is around 8 miles upstream of Kirkwood – that’s 15 miles or so from the Sea (Annan).  It’s just over 2 miles long – 1.5 miles of single bank (left hand) plus half a mile of double bank fishing.  It is narrower and shallower than Kirkwood, so wading is far easier. It therefore is ideal for those who find wading difficult. Its perfect for youngsters or anyone with only thigh waders. Having said that, the gravel bottom can be slippery and unstable, so always take care, and a life vest is essential.  Single handed (smaller) rods can easily cover this beat.  It is good fly water although spinning and worming are allowed at any height of water in the lower part of the beat where we are single bank.  It is FLY ONLY in the part we are double bank.

5 Year Average Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Total
Salmon kelts 1 2 5 2 10
Sea Trout 2 7 2 1 12

At Jardine Hall we let 5 weekly tickets plus a couple of  “season” permit holders who only fish occasionally.  The beat is very lightly fished because we use it as an “overspill” to Kirkwood. Most of the year there’s no-one fishing Jardine Hall which is regretable and means the catch returns are very low – way below its potential.  The annual catch is around 10 salmon, 20 sea trout and 20 browns.  Sea trout have been very poor these last few years.

Jardine Hall

Fishing Prices Jardine Hall
Spring (Mar – Mid May) £25/day £80/week
Summer (Mid May – End Aug) £80/week
Autumn (Sep – Nov) £80 – £160/week
Winter (coarse only) £15/day £48/week


Download a map of the beat Jardine Hall Fishing & a location map from Kirkwood.