Real Farm Holidays


Rotchell beat

A lower river Annan stretch for coarse fishing and brown trout only.

Annan at Kirkwood/Rotchell

Lovely water for Brown trout, Grayling, Chub and other coarse fish

The Rotchell beat is on the Kirkwood farm but our guests can only fish for Brown trout and coarse fish. ie not Salmon and Sea trout.  If anyone catches a salmon or sea trout by mistake they must return it alive. Its full of grayling, has a few chub – often big ones – and at times of the year is excellent for Brown trout. It is over half a mile (900m) in length with varied water. Single bank only. Chest waders are recommended if wading but bait fishing is allowed at all times, so there’s less need to wade.

Fishing Prices at Rotchell £15/Day or £48/week all year round.

You can download a map here but the Rotchell beat is the Lower beat only