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Coarse Fishing

Kirkwood Grayling (Mark Riley)

Chub and Grayling at Kirkwood

At Kirkwood anglers who are staying in our cottages can fish for the chub and grayling on the Annan at certain times of the year.  The best time is the winter (mid November to late February) when any method (fly or bait) can be used.  After that the spring (March to May) can also be good, but a fly only rule applies in low water.

Live bait is not allowed, the best baits are maggots, bread, cheese and luncheon meat, and all fish must be returned.  It is not necessarily easy angling but the rewards are big fish – chub are often over 5lb and grayling over 2lb.

It was at Kirkwood, in 1955, that Dr Cameron caught the famous UK record 10lb 8oz chub.  This was caught on a fly and many of the big chub and graying are caught while fly fishing.  We also issue permits for some coarse fish and trout only on the Rotchell stretch just downstream of Kirkwood.  Here, bait can be used at any time, not just in high water, at any time of the year.  The permit is not for salmon and sea trout which must be returned if caught accidentally.  Also our ticket holders must always give way to salmon/sea trout anglers and let them pass if they are working their way downstream.  There are good grayling and chub at the Rotchell stretch.

Additionally there are other local fisheries where coarse fishing can be excellent.

If enthusiastic about grayling why not book into one of our Grayling Schools, when you can take part in fantastic fishing and first class tuition, guidance, accommodation and all meals are also included in the price!