Real Farm Holidays


Off Road “4×4” Driving

Making a splashoff roading

4×4 all Terrain Driving Skills Sessions. You get to drive yourself although we will give instruction and demonstrations.  We MUST accompany you, so whilst you can use your own 4×4 you can only take it off our farm roads at Kirkwood with us in attendance.  We will cover – Hills …at angles, Gullies/ditches /fords, Wet & muddy terrain, When to use 4 wheel drive & “low ratio”, Towing trailers and much more all when and if appropriate to each driver.  Different routes available.  A brilliant way for under 17s to learn to drive a car – out in the middle of a dry and flat field.

Ours is a basic course, not an advanced course.  It’s more aimed at serious and safe entertainment than education, although you should learn lots while having some real fun.

aKirkwood-4x445.smallGetting muddy at Kirkwood

While our quads and tractor driving are restricted with age (for insurance and safety reasons), we can drive everyone who wants to around the fields in the back of our Discovery.

You’ll get a feel of how a real farm works and see farm animals – we may even ask you to help us move stock. You can enjoy views of the countryside that you wouldn’t normally see and this is a real hands-on farm experience.

Places are strictly limited, so you’ll need to book your place and pay before you arrive.   You might get dirty during offroading, especially if it’s been raining, so wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting a bit muddy.

Prices:  Our vehicle

£115/vehicle for 1 hour (minimum) £55/vehicle for each 1/2 hour thereafter

Guest passengers £10 each subject to safe space in the vehicle.

If you can’t find a suitable time give us a call.


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