Real Farm Holidays


Feed the Lambs

Each year during lambing, we usually end up with a few orphaned or rejected lambs.  These lambs need bottle fed so we ask our guests to help!

Especially for younger guests (although many older ones love to join in too), this is a fun experience with real farm interaction.  Usually offered between May and August.  We charge £10 per feed (2 persons) for this which helps cover milk costs for the lambs, this can be deducted from your deposit.


Boys Feeding Lamb Lambs at courtyard

Feeding the LambsLambs in field


Why not go to feed our chickens while you are here too – you can even collect your own eggs!

Please don’t feed the lambs without our supervision, but guests are welcome to visit them, often they will find you before you find them!  We remind guests that hand washing is essential after touching the lambs and equipment and no eating when dealing with them.