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Country Sports

At Kirkwood, we welcome shooters, stalkers and wildfowlers because this part of Scotland naturally suits the genuine sportsman offering variety, wilderness and much quarry. All shooters must have proper insurance via BASC or Countryside Alliance and legal gun certificates. Have a look at what we can offer our guests staying in our cottages:

Rough Game Shooting We can organise this for teams of three or more guns. A day consists of seeking out pheasants, pigeons, snipe, partridge, duck, rabbit (if safe) and the occasional woodcock. Guns should expect to fire between 10 and 25 shots each and bag around 10 to 15 head total.
Wildfowling The Solway Coast is renowned for its duck and geese. Morning or evening flights can be arranged and although success cannot be guaranteed, we try to find the best guides around.
Stalking We offer roe buck stalking, which is best in April in May. Bucks in this part of the world are not of the highest quality in terms, but are exciting and challenging whilst stalking in beautiful surrounding. Does are shot through the winter from October to March.
Pigeons and Rabbits After the game shooting season has ended, there are opportunities to shoot pigeons and rabbits, especially in the spring.
Target Shooting We can offer clay pigeon shooting with a shotgun £37 per person for normal session (30 – 50 clays), £57 per person for massive session (70 – 100 clays)
and rifle shooting at targets.  POA & depends on numbers.
Falconry We also offer falconry & sometimes hold special events when these trained birds hunt and catch game here at Kirkwood.
Fishing Of course our fishing is very popular – check out our dedicated page here.