Real Farm Holidays


Collect your own Eggs

We have excellent chickens at Kirkwood.  They lay all year round (although not quite as many in the winter) so we can offer guests the chance to collect their own eggs at any time of year.   These eggs are farm fresh (£6 per dozen) and taste so much better than those bought in the supermarket.

Our girls are free range and enjoy the outdoors all day with a cosy coop for night time.  They are lovely birds to visit, you can feed them too, and it’s even more fun to collect your own eggs while you’re there!

chickens in sunshine chickens in coop

coming down ladderVisiting the chickens

Even for guests visiting in winter…..

cockrel in snowchicken in winter

Why not help to feed our lambs while you are here too (May – August), it’s great fun feeding them from the bottle.

Please don’t feed the chickens without our supervision.   We remind guests that hand washing is essential after touching the chickens and equipment and no eating when dealing with them.