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Kirkwood has been the Steel family home since 1865 and now is looked after by father and son
Anthony and Charlie (6th generation).

The Steels

Jack Steel (left), Anthony (centre) & Charlie (right)

It’s the same size as it was in 1865 and beef and sheep are still
farmed, although methods have changed somewhat.

cows at KirkwoodDogs on Quad
Whilst it was always a popular holiday destination with the Steel’s guests (records show they caught some big salmon back in the 1880s!) Photo below of Kirkwood fishing in 1826

Kirkwood River Annan 1826

it was in 1973 that commercial tourism started at Kirkwood and in 1986 Anthony decided to
concentrate on tourism rather than maximising food production. Now the farming is run in an
“extensive” (almost traditional) way with minimal use of chemicals, fertilisers etc. but if you talk to
Anthony about organic farming and he’s off for an hour…..